The Nature Photography Festival which radiates beyond our borders

The quality and the increasing number of the exhibitions make of this nature photography festival the biggest of the Benelux!

This great weekend of natural photography is a chance for the inhabitants of Namur and Belgian visitors but also of all Europe to come and see the most beautiful natural photos at the moment, works of an exceptional quality coming from all over the world.

Each year, we make it a point of honor to present to the visitors photographers of international fame such as Vincent Munier (France), Jim Brandenburg (USA), Sergeï Gorchkov ( Russia), Klaus Nigge ( Germany), Sandra Bartocha (Germany), Markus Varesvuo ( Finland) …

Numerous very known French photographers as Fabrice Cahez, Laurent Geslin, Remy Marion, Stéphane Hette, Louis-Marie Préau, Sébastien de Danieli, Geoffrey Gracel are also present … and of course our Belgian artists as Franck Renard, Philippe Moes, Jonathan Lhoir, André Buzin, Jean-Marie Winants as well as talented but less known artists to whom we have the pleasure to offer the chance to show their work next to the greatest : for example the young photographer Michel d' Oultremont, recently prized in the English Photo contest of the Natural History Museum of London.

The photos of from now famous " Emotion’Ailes " contest organized by Aves-Natagora are exhibited at the Belfry’s gallery. The prize-giving rewarding the best photos also takes place during the weekend of the exhibitions. The prize-winning photos at the GDT photo contest , a world-famous German contest, are also presented which includes about forty magnificent photos made by the best photographers at the moment.

The keys of the success!

The photography exhibitions are presented in the center of the Old Namur, in the most beautiful buildings of the architectural and historic heritage of the city.

A particular care is taken to each one of them in order to optimize the presentation of the photos and the pleasure of the visitor: lightning, decoration, … . The subtle harmony of the most beautiful photographs nature and lighting, allied on the superb architectural and historical heritage of Namur, gives on the Aves Photos Exhibitions a single and exceptional character!

A convivial and cordial reception of the artists and visitors thanks to a faultless collaboration between the organizing committee and numerous volunteers. It is the occasion of the reunion of the large family of nature photographers and animal artists and also the sharing with visitors with all the friendliness of our exhibition sites. Meeting spaces offer to visitors and artists a place to meet and exchange their experiments in a friendly atmosphere, while drinking a famous Belgian abbey beer. Each soiree of the festival is done to insure relaxation and meeting in a warm and festive setting.



Nominated Emotion’ailes 2019
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The nominated of the 17th Photo Competition AVES “Emotion’Ailes” are (in order alphabetical): Congratulations to all of you and go to Namur, on Saturday September 21, for the proclamation of the results.

The winners of the Emotion’Ailes 2018 competition are …
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Le grand Prix Juste une illusion de Marc Weber Macareux moine (Fratercula arctica), Latrabjarg (Islande), Canon EOS 7D + EF100-400mm Le lauréat est récompensé par un bon de 2000€ offert par PhotoGalerie et Canon Le prix Pur Sauvage Gyps aquaticus de Fabien … Read More

Nominated Emotion’ailes 2018
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Catégorie Jeunes 2018 Catégorie Lumière et ambiance 2018 Catégorie Nature de chez nous 2018 Catégorie Noir et blanc 2018 Catégorie / 2018 Catégorie Ois’Art 2018 Catégorie Paysage animalier 2018 Catégorie Oiseaux dans tous ses états 2018 Catégorie Pris sur le … Read More

The winners of the Emotion’Ailes 2017 competition are …
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Le grand Prix Les plongeurs de Felipe Foncueva Fou de Bassan (Morus bassanus), Noss Island Shetland (GB), Nikon D4 + Sigma 15mm fisheye Le lauréat est récompensé par un bon de 2000€ offert par PhotoGalerie et Canon + des accessoires offerts par le Moulin … Read More

(Français) Antarctica
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IMMERSION EN ANTARCTIQUE Venez vivre l’Expédition Antarctica, une aventure passionnante dans les contrées sauvages du continent austral initiée par Luc Jacquet et l’organisation Wild Touch. Projection du film « Antarctica, sur les traces de l’empereur » – de Jérôme Bouvier … Read More

Nominated Emotion’ailes 2017
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The nominated of the 15th Photo Competition AVES “Emotion’Ailes” are (in order alphabetical):

The winners of the Emotion’Ailes 2016 competition are …
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Le grand Prix Au coeur de l’arbre de François Nowicki Effraie des clochers (Tyto alba), Nord-Est de la France à proximité du village de Aoury, Canon EOS 5D Mk II + 500 mm Le Grand Prix du Jury est récompensé par un … Read More

Conference David Pattyn
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This September 24 at 15h, do not miss the conference “Waterbirds lakes and marshes. – A look at their personal lives” David Pattyn As an amateur wildlife photographer I have had the advantage of only doing what I am really … Read More