The Aves Exhibition Team

The Wildlife Pictures Exhibitions Aves are organized by a team of volunteers mainly formed by nature photographers, ornithologists and other picture and nature lovers.

The organizing structure is composed by a core team « Design and organisation », a broader organisazing team and about 60 other volunteers

All these volunteers get support from the person in charge of events inside Natagora association and from other useful expertise of Natagora.

The core team « Design and Organisation »


Cédric Grégoire

Design and organisation
Graphic designer

Xavier Desclée

Design and Organisation

Eddy Remy

Exhibitors contact


André Monmart

Volunteers manager

Françoise Coune

Competition Management

Etienne Hubin

Educational component

Miguel Charlier


Serge Sorbi

Serge Sorbi

Design and organisation

The broader organizing team

Jean-Louis Watelet • Frederick Bierlier • François Paulus • Bernard Fondaire • Thierry Lampe • Sébastien Krickx • Nils Bouillard • Anne Weiserbs • Aves-Namur.
Not to mention the members behind this festival and those who have supported them in recent years: Serge Sorbi, Henry Brousmiche, Denis Boucquey, José Granville et Elise Pire.

Our volunteers

For the achievement of the exhibitions, a strike force of other 60 volunteers is getting together. They participate in transport, assembly, disassembly of materials (exhibition panels, railings, lightings, bars, décoration, billposting …) but also in duties on exhibition sites.

Without them, this great adventure of Wildlife PIctures Exhibitions Aves would never come to existence. We will never enough thank them.