Église Notre-Dame d'Harscamp

Notre-Dame d'Harscamp church

The church « Notre Dame d'Harscamp », Saint Nicolas Street, in the center of old Namur, is a church of Rennaissance style, build in 1750. Added to the list of major heritage of Wallonia in1936, it has been deconsecrated in 2004. Today, the church is the cultural centre of Harscamp.

This church is one of the major sites of our exhibitions. After being unavailable for several years due to repair works, we found it back with pleasure in 2012. It offers a lot of space which suits perfectly to enhance masterpieces of our guests.

Église Notre-Dame d'Harscamp

Saint-Aubain cathedral

The Saint-Aubain cathedral of Namur is a Catholic religious building with a length of 78 meters and listed in the major heritage of Wallonia. The first bishop chose Saint-Aubain Collegiate, founded in 1047, as his cathedral.

It was decided to unite the former Saint-Aubain collegiate church, of which only the old raised tower remains in 1648 and the parish church of Saint-Jean the Evangelist in a single building dominated by an imposing dome. In 1767, the whole was finished mixing the memory of Baroque and Rococo with Classicism.

Exhibition site since 2018

St-Joseph Church

Built from 1627 to 1655 by the Carmelite fathers for their apostolic activities the church is part of a complex - convent and church - which stretches from the rue de Fer to the rue des Carmes. It will be classified Heritage Wallonia in 1936. The building is built of brick and stone Meuse. The Baroque facade is as graceful as it is elegant. Swirls of blue stone, with pots-a-feu, windows and niches of saints break the monotony of a brick facade.

For security reasons, the church was closed to the public for 10 years. The wooden frame of the roof made without a single nail needed to be repaired. The reopening in 2019 did not escape us and we are happy to invite you to enter again!

News 2019

The Bank, Safe for Culture

The "Comptoir des Ressources Créatives Namur" provides this space located in the city center to host cultural and artistic projects of all kinds. This old bank will be one of the important exhibition sites for this next edition. The building is doomed to disappear in 2022, in favor of a new real estate project, so do not miss the opportunity to enter it one last time.

News 2021

Future Archaeological Museum of Namur

Located in the heart of Namur, the future Archaeological Museum of Namur is located on the foundations of the old school of the Boatmen and connected by an impressive glazed alleyway to the old chapel of the Boatmen, a listed building from the 19th century and future museum reception. communal. A large garden is also accessible and complements the new public gardens of the Boatmen and the Poets.

The Bourse

(Congress centre)
The Bourse of Namur, which is located on Place d'Armes, Rennaissance style completely transformed in a modern congress centre. Meet there our artists or attend to one of our conferences in the auditorium. It's there too that takes place the award ceremony of our Emotion'Ailes photographic contest.

Palais des Congrès Palais des Congrès

Palais des Congrès

Belfry's Gallery

As in each year, our event begins in the Belfry's Gallery by the opening of the exhibition of nominees to Aves Emotion'Ailes photographic contest. A hundred pictures, the most beautiful among all those submitted by thousands of photographs, are displayed in the gallery. Access to this exhibition is free during the 3 weeks it's lasting. The gallery is opened from Tuesday to Saterday between 11 to 18h and Sunday between 12 to 18h. Come and see these pictures that draw the attention of the our jury and vote for the public's award.



La galerie du Beffroi

Place d'Armes

The Place d'Armes site was the political center of the city before being destroyed by german bombing in august 1914 and becoming what it is today. Several buildings hosting municipal authorities followed one another on this square which named then Saint Remy's market.. The last building having been destroyed by german bombing in august 1914 was never been rebuild. The city hall was then been transferred Iron Street where it is now located.

The buildings surrounding the square disappeared a few years after and left place to the Bourse of Commerce first and Inno shop later.

For few years now, the Aves exhibitions adorn the Inno's façade with monumental pictures to celebrate the Quinzaine of Nature in which our event is occurring.

This year, Place d'Armes will see the exhibitions in a huge tent which will also welcome the Natagora village.