Press release (in french)


Photos & graphicdesign

The authors of the following photos allow the use of their photos for the exclusive promotion of Expos Photos Nature Aves. We ask journalists or any other user of these photos to systematically mention the name of the author and Expos Photos Aves for each photo used. Thanks.

  1. Graphicdesign: PosterBannner - Leaflet
  2. Photos of the guests available in WEB format via the "2022 program-> Guests" menu. Don't forget to mention the name of the photographer! Do you want images for printing? Contact Cédric Grégoire cedric.gregoire{at}
  3. Pictures of the sites:
    1. Galerie Cap Nord SPW (Horizontal) © Cédric Grégoire
    2. Galerie Cap Nord SPW (Horizontal) © Cédric Grégoire
    3. Galerie Cap Nord SPW (Vertical) © Cédric Grégoire
    4. La Bourse - expositions © Cédric Grégoire
    5. La Bourse - conférence © Cédric Grégoire
    6. Eglise Saint-Joseph © Miguel Charlier
    7. Eglise Saint-Joseph © Cédric Grégoire
    8. Cathédrale Saint-Aubain © Dorian D'aloisio

Press invitation

The opening night is Thursday, September 22 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Galerie Cap Nord (SPW 8 Boulevard du Nord 5000 Namur).

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