The first exhibition “The lord of the summit” presented the Alpine ibex to you with a creative vision combining knowledge of the terrain and graphic art in an always assumed style. With the second exhibition “Vanoise, immersion in the country of the ibex” we focused on the fauna and flora by revealing the landscapes and the inhabitants of one of the largest and oldest National Parks in France.
For the third, we dwelled on a decade of travels to the four corners of the world with “Wandering wanderings”.
With this new exhibition, I wanted to highlight the jewels of flora. Indeed, we are far from imagining the variety of orchids in Europe and in the world. In addition, some of them have become rare and localized, even endemic, often in a specific and threatened habitat in our regions where all concrete is still too often the norm… For this exhibition, I focused on species observable in Western Europe.
As a wildlife photographer, it is important to me to highlight this heritage to make ordinary mortals aware of its protection. My attention naturally turns to rare and or spectacular species, but it is nevertheless important to present more common species as their varieties of colors and shapes are infinite. Some individuals are also conducive to artistic creativity by their shapes or colors and others are just magnified by the light of the setting sun…
If Sébastien’s mission is successful, you will set off on the lawns to discover these marvels next spring…

  • Name of the exhibition Wild orchids… classic or graphic?!
  • Nationality belgian
  • Exhibition site Galerie Cap Nord (SPW)