Going on an adventure from home, it’s possible!… For Ambre, the starting point was in France, on the edge of the Alps, near Grenoble. In sight, three very distinct mountain ecosystems: Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne. The Vercors, limestone massif, walled in its cliffs. Within the fortress, up there, a wild plateau where mineral and plant intermingle, the largest nature reserve in mainland France. Rare gorges streak the mountain, where surface water quickly becomes rare and precious. The Chartreuse, bristling with forests, all of rocky waves ending in sheer peaks, sheltering discreet valleys, a few waterfalls and an incredible number of caves. Belledonne, with its peaks launched towards the sky which never tire of impaling the clouds, its few relics of glaciers, its eternal snowfields hidden in its North faces and its innumerable lakes with turquoise shades. The idea was simple: to focus on a small sector 5 km in diameter representative of each of the massifs, to be explored by returning there over the seasons. The goal: to capture as many different atmospheres as possible, and to attempt to poetically illustrate the diversity – even of the landscape – contained in a restricted area… located a stone’s throw away. In an attempt to push the coherence of the approach as much as possible, and with the idea of living a real “journey” without going far away, the outings were done by bike and on foot from her home.

  • Name of exhibition Le Dépaysement aux portes de chez moi - Belledonne, Chartreuse, Vercors ... à pied et à vélo
  • Nationality french
  • Exhibition site Galerie Cap Nord (SPW)