Immerse yourself in “Gurafikku,” a cap(va(ng nature exhibi(on showcasing 10 images of Japanese Cranes and Stag Deer. Among these, the Stag Deer series consists of 7 award-winning pieces that have received pres(gious recogni(on, winning the porZolio award at the Lowland Photo Contest 2022. These visually striking works expertly blend abstrac(on and graphical elements, resembling elegant black and white pen drawings with their intricate details and graceful lines. Subtle color accents arZully placed throughout add depth and dimension while preserving the minimalist aesthe(c. “Gurafikku” offers a refreshing perspec(ve on nature-inspired art, invi(ng you to explore the harmonious rela(onship between ar(s(c expression and the cap(va(ng beauty of the animal kingdom.

  • Name of the exhibition Gurafikku
  • Nationality Dutch
  • Exhibition site St-Joseph church