Time and trees form the common thread of this series of images taken from the first light of day to the heart of the night, in Namibia. The dunes of Sossusvlei compose timeless minimalist landscapes. Here living trees are rare and precious. They touch eternity while testifying to the fragility of the living we inherit.
Symbols of an extinct life, the fossilized acacia trees of the Dead Valley (Deadvlei), dried up by the diversion of a river about a thousand years ago, form a warning from the depths of time: when all the trees will be turned into stone or only an imprint of them will remain in the ground, what future for our species?
Fortunately, the quiver trees, precious to the Bushmen for the realization of their hunting equipment, testify to the possible harmony between man and trees, under a starry sky whose purity no artificial light alters and marvels us.
Are the trees of the deserts of Namibia, unchanged for millions of years, a relic of the past or a warning for the future?

  • Name of the exhibition Immuarbres
  • Nationality french
  • Site d'exposition La Bourse