Sebastian was born in Belgium, a small flat country or only people who have relief … Since his childhood, Sebastien was attracted by nature. This passion was born at a very young age with a particular attraction for the masters of the sky.
Since then, this affection has never left and it does not count the days spent jumping between sky and sea, in the woods, meadows, dunes to soak up the colors and sounds of nature.
At the beginning of the photographic adventure, Sébastien made his debut with an old silver bridge. Time is at the forefront with lots of joys and disappointments. He converted to digital in 2005.
That year also marked a turning point in his professional life … he devoted himself to the conservation and protection of the environment in the framework of Natura 2000. Function he still holds today in the administration of the Walloon government.
Her artistic philosophy comes from many influences, she can be classic as she can derogate from the rules. “Photography” means: “Write with light”. This is exactly what interests him in this art of photography. To tell a story, a feeling an atmosphere but where the image replaces the text.
For this new expo “Wandering Wanderings” Sébastien takes us, beyond his dreamy soul, into his world, to discover his vision of the world around us … The paintings are divided between pastel atmospheres and landscapes of here or there. ‘elsewhere

  • Name of the exhibition Wanderings
  • Origin Belgium
  • Exhibition site Soon