“Evanescences” is a personal research on minimalist atmospheres and refined landscapes, photographed here and there from my doorstep to northern Europe.
Snow, ice and mist form the soul of this exhibition, the thread of what has nourished my photographic eyes for several years. This series of images is an extension of my previous work, “The Scots Souls”, which restores a graphic and aesthetic vision of nature. A way for my eyes to go to the essential by retaining only the few elements that outline more than they describe the subject.
The suggestion is certainly the fruit of a certain maturity of my photographic approach and a sensitivity that favor the contemplative expression. The development of my creative vision more than a more figurative approach.
“Let your emotions speak for you by what they express rather than by what they are.”
The evanescence is said of what disappears progressively. A very present symbolism as soon as we observe the natural phenomena like a shower of snow blurring the lines of the trees, a mist rising on a pond, the foam of a wave breaking on a rock, the water running under the ice of a river, or an animal whose contours fade to blend in with the white …
White, this non-color which sublimates the richness of the nuances and reveals the softness of the contrasts is the link of the felted atmospheres that I like. In this monochrome universe, between dream and reality, I contemplate, observe and research the moment when the magic operates, transforming the image into a sketch.
These moments lead me to a very dreamlike vision of nature, which forces me to go beyond reality to render different images, emitting emotion and poetry to let the mystery operate.
Paradoxically, these ephemeral visions give me the impression of being able to transform into timeless creations. An approach that echoes my sensitivity and that sign my photographic eye.

  • Name of the exhibition Evanescences
  • Origin France
  • Exhibition site Saint-Aubain Cathedral