Through this series, Nicolas wanted to highlight these little beings who live everywhere around us and yet so discreet. He managed to discover them and immortalize them in different situations. He finds it a pity that we no longer take the time to observe these little elves with golden plumes and it is these rare moments that he had the chance to see (armed with patience) and that he wanted to highlight. Seeing them live, having fun, bickering, climbing up and down trees at full speed but with great agility, are for him beautiful moments to highlight and in this case in image. This is why he wishes through these photos to share with the public these moments of both beauty and cuteness of these little elves, small in size but so big in their splendor. Whether in action, observation or meals, let yourself be carried away by these images and enter their world for a moment.

  • Name of exhibition Smart Little Pixie
  • Nationality french
  • Exhibition site La Bourse