Tell us a little about yourself (photographic career, other exhibitions,…)
The only true journey, the only bath of youth, would not be to go towards new landscapes, but to have other eyes.” Marcel Proust

Perpetually in search of lights and atmospheres, not necessarily where one expects them but always in Belgium or in nearby countries. I don’t want to travel to take pictures, which are probably already done and redone anyway, I like the nature around me. And moreover no need to compensate carbon.

I am passionate about deer and the Ardennes, twilight and night lights, and the atmosphere of ponds.

I have the project to enhance my training as a nature guide with nature photography. I believe that the photographer has a negative impact if he is only a consumer, and a positive one if he chooses to privilege knowledge and humility.

Outside of nature, I do event photography and reportage as a pro, and street photography for fun.
If the opportunity arises to work in a respectful environment, I also like a more committed photography aiming at re-humanizing people on the margins or excluded from our society.

I have exhibited at the center Les Sources in Woluwé-St-Pierre. I was also given the chance to exhibit at the castle-farm of Courrière during the heritage days, as well as in the Mundo centers.


  • Name of the exhibition ORADLO
  • Nationality belgium
  • Exhibition site The Bank, Safe for Culture