François Remy is 33 years old and has a doctorate in biology. Since his childhood, he has always been immersed in nature thanks to the many family outings they do with his parents and brother on weekends and during holidays. At the end of 2010, following the realization of an insect collection as part of his master’s degree in biology, he bought his first digital SLR after working as a student. He had only one goal, to draw portraits of insects to identify them. Since then, he hasn’t stopped walking in nature in search of them and his approach has evolved enormously. He no longer tries to meet as many different species as possible, but rather tries to present the very common small species of our regions from an aesthetic and creative angle. This is his philosophy in photography: you don’t have to go far to meet extraordinary things. Even here there are wonders worth protecting and showing to the public. Beauty is present everywhere around us in nature, but it does not seek to be noticed, we must take the time to glimpse it, to find it, to admire it. This is what he does as often as possible and this is what he tries to educate the public about when he goes to festivals to present his exhibitions.

This is why he presents this time the Queen of Spain Fritillary, a magnificent and common butterfly in Europe, both threatened by human activities but also dependent on them in certain places …


  • Name of the exhibition The stained-glass butterfly
  • Nationality belgian
  • Exhibition site Notre Dame Church