Pierre-Henry Hock is a Belgian wildlife photographer from the Namur region who has been self-taught since 2011 and has a passion for ornithology following his trip to Iceland where he specializes in bird photography.
He continues a training Natagora and takes advantage of his photographic outings in the company of ornitho guides, to extend his knowledge on the biotope, the migration and the general behavior of the birds. Anxious for total respect for the natural environment, he travels through the many Belgian reserves and establishes himself as a rule; that the image reflects a natural scene, without artifice. As the islands are a gold mine to observe, approach and discover new species, after Iceland, he visits Corsica, the Reunion Island, the Azores, Cyprus and Crete and also travels in the Spanish Pyrenees , Andalusia and Romania. Pierre-Henry has already exhibited at Gembloux, Andenne, Fernelmont, Faulx-les-Tombes and Jambes, and takes advantage of this exhibition to present you “The flight to Reunion”. A small part of endemic and more common species on a background of Creole colors.

  • Name of the exhibition Flight to Reunion
  • Origin Belgium
  • Exhibition site Church Notre-Dame