In Wallonia as in metropolitan France, the forest covers more than thirty percent of the territory. It remains however a rather secret medium, even little known. In truth, a little like the time necessary for its evolution, the forest delivers slowly its secrets.
Whoever wants to pierce some of them will have to learn patience and humility. Accept also that this “slowness”, all relative if we consider the history of our planet,
can be happy in some ways. That it can be a carrier of a well-being for the modern man, often too hurried and vision as short as his own existence.
In his latest book (2018) and the eponymous exhibition “Secret Forest”, Philippe Moës shares some precious moments gleaned over the last ten years. It invites us to a contemplative dive in what the western forest – and particularly Ardennes – still has wild. From the edge to the heart of thickets, from the clearing to the pond, from the flower to the deer, from January to December, from morning to evening, in any weather …

Philippe MOËS is a Belgian naturalist photographer, self-taught, since about thirty years. He is the author of 11 books (texts and photographs) devoted to the natural heritage of Western Europe and has obtained the 1st prize in various major international photographic competitions, in the USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Belgium, in the Netherlands … Philippe supervises each year introductory courses (in Belgium) and a photographic trip abroad for the benefit of his association.