For 5 years, Etienne has lived in Saillans in the Drôme. He had always been attracted by this valley and this beautiful wild river where nature is still preserved.
He discovered the world of the kingfisher 6 years ago. After long searches on the edge of Drôme, he came across it and even spotted a nest (terrier) in a small cliff at the foot of a lône. A couple had formed there and he was able to follow it and discover its habits. He had the chance to see it evolve at various times such as the courtship preceded by flights and dizzying pursuits, the offering, the coupling, the toilet, the fishing, the supply of the young then their birth.
Not having knowledge, he does not have a naturalistic approach. Doing a close-up or a “fundus of the eye” does not interest him. He is so in love with beautiful lights and atmospheres that he sought to photograph the kingfisher as graphically as possible in its environment.
With his photos he would like to share with you the desire to love this endearing little bird and to make you want to continue to protect our nature as much as possible so that it can dazzle us for a long time.

  • Name of exhibition Freshwater martin
  • Nationality French
  • Exhibition site Cap Nord (SPW)