Duncan took these photographs downwind of the Scottish Hebrides Isles on the northwestern fringe of the British Isles and mainland Europe. The vagaries of the North Atlantic Ocean set the tone.

He has always been fascinated by the wild expanse of this indefinite stretch of beach between land and sea. Created by the eternal movements of the tides, it belongs neither to one nor the other. For a moment, it takes on a liquid form, its texture is fluid like water, then it is covered with drawn patterns and marine curiosities. This environment is shared, it belongs to the land and the sea, it is a place of hope and expectation, of equal rights and parity.

Duncan MacArthur is drawn to the beauty of water, to its movements and changing shapes, to its unbridled power and creativity. She sculpts the beach, carries the sands, smooths them and wrinkles them. He admires the changing and minimal aspect of this landscape which is once again swept away, all of its history erased.

  • Nom de l'exposition The water line
  • Nationality Scottish
  • Exhibition site coming soon