She was born in The Netherlands and lived a big part of her adult life in Amsterdam. Studied Human Resource Management and Communication and worked the last 6 years of her other professional career as a communication Adviser for a Pharmaceutical Company.

Everything changed in 2007 when she decided to move to Auvergne, in France to focus on her passion, photography. Over the years she had carried out private commissions, photo assignments. You can also find her work in many magazines and other publications. In December 2017 she published her first book, Variations in Trees. Parallel to this she works together with Nordic Vision Photo-tours, a Dutch based photo-travel company, as a tour-guide.

WITH TREES The exhibition is the result of the work of the Dutch photographer Kristel Schneider. The Dutch artist has conducted a photographic,conceptual and graphic quest around an ordinary subject, the tree, which is familiar to us and which we often pass without reall seeing it. Kristel’s photo project started aproximately 5 year ago and WITH TREES is her 2nd exhibition about trees, it makes us discovering the colors and subtle forms of the trees of her adopted Auvergne. Each image encourages the gaze to contemplation, to the rhythm of the variations of nature.

  • Name of the exhibition With trees
  • Origin Netherlands
  • Exhibition site La Bourse
  • Web site