Photographing the Camargue for many years, Jonathan has accumulated a multitude of images of this region, and more particularly of its emblematic populations of flamingos.
Initially animated by a more illustrative and aesthetic approach, he quickly let himself be charmed by a more subjective, less conventional approach, which makes the part beautiful to the imagination and suggestion.
Work on the “blur” then became obvious.
A means of expression and support for materializing his vision, Jonathan used photography to sublimate and share those moments invisible to the naked eye.
Through his images, the photographer approaches the flamingo in an atypical angle that puts the softness of his silhouette in the foreground.
Flamingo is the fruit of this photographic process, the materialization of this progressive drift towards the immensity of the blur, the search for a return to simplicity, showing only the essential! Or the “super-blur”?

  • Name of the exhibition Flamingo
  • Origin Belgium
  • Exhibition site La Bourse