Born in 1977 in France, Jérôme Obiols spent his childhood in the Corbières, at the foot of the Pyrenees, where he made his first hikes with his family. His studies took him to Paris, where he learned photography as a self-taught artist. He practices it in silver, in black and white, pacing the streets dear to Robert Doisneau and Willy Ronis. He settled in the Rhône in 2001, and discovered the Alps and its glaciers: it is a real revelation. Attracted by the peaks, he quickly feels the need to go to the heart of the mountains, where only certain initiates venture. As a climber and mountain climber, he forswarts photography for this new devouring passion that leads him to the highest peaks, discovering captivating landscapes made of rocks, snow and ice. In 2013, he gives a professional aspect to this passion he expresses through photography, with the desire to show the mountains from a different, personal angle, the fruit of an author’s work and his knowledge of the high mountains. His work has been published, rewarded and exhibited many times.

DE ROCS EN CIMES is a quest, that of needles and peaks of prodigious verticality, of Dante slopes and emblematic peaks in the alpine massifs, where I draw my inspiration, like that of Mont Blanc or Ecrins. The mountain unfolds here under a particular look, in a subtle balance between fragility and strength, elegance and austerity. I spent a long time watching the precious moments where the clouds and the light, ricocheting rocks in peaks, unite with the mineral to create powerful and dreamlike atmospheres, of a striking beauty. To be there, to contemplate these moments, on the balconies of the world, is an indescribable emotion. The choice to photograph all these landscapes in black and white naturally imposed on me. I wanted to access the essence of the place, without makeup or artifice, to testify to a mountain in the raw, authentic, which seeks neither to please nor to seduce. The mountain, as in itself, the original, the eternal mountain.

  • Name of the exhibition From Rocks to Peaks
  • Origin France
  • Exhibition site Parliament of Wallonia