From the depths of time, the hazel grouse has survived many obstacles that have staked his life. Relic of the glacial area it lives nowadays in forests of the east of France and more precisely in mountain where it still finds the conditions necessary to its needs. Particularly demanding, she feeds on kittens bud seed berries and many other delicacies. It is an emblem of diversity, and that is where the difficulties begin. The industrial needs of wood give rise to a modern silviculture, or the monoculture at all pines or any tree is queen, in short the opposite for vital conditions of our grouse, and especially of the hazel. The agricultural abandonment of these last fifty years, has in a very few regions of regions of France, brings back favorable environments or lady gelini seems to please itself. Its habitat in the thick undergrowth, its monogamy, its discreet and quiet reproduction, and its extreme savagery, make it according to the Swiss photographer “Claude Morerod” the least photographic subject of the Alps. The mysterious living conditions and little known of these birds piqued my curiosity. Twenty-one years ago, I decided to embark on the “quest for the jelly of the woods” not knowing at that time that a growing passion to see bulimia go train in such a beautiful adventure. Today I decided to share this long experience with my friends and all wild nature lovers.

  • Name of the exhibition The hazel grouse
  • Origin France
  • Exhibition site Saint-Aubain Cathedral