Ingrid Vekemans is a self taught nature photographer, born in Belgium in 1969 and still based there. Ingrid was raised in a home that was surrounded by forests and fields. She spent hours in there whenever she could, entirely fascinated by the animal world and the beauty of plants. She has always felt that nature nourishes her soul. She has been fond of photography ever since her grandmother gave her an old box camera at the age of 8. Her photography really took off with the introduction of the digital camera and she started a professional career in 2009.

Ingrid has always been fascinated by Africa, first going there in 1994. Although this continent and its wildlife remain her main focus, she has also become involved in nature photography in other regions of the world. Wildlife, forest and macro photography are her favourite subjects, but landscape photography also takes her interest. This exhibition will show ‘the best of both worlds’, a selection of her best images from Africa and elsewhere.

Ingrid captures what she sees and refrains from extensive post-processing. No elements are added or removed, as that to her conflicts with the whole idea of nature photography, which is showing the beauty of nature as it is. Through her photography Ingrid hopes to convince people to respect nature and actively protect it.

Ingrid’s work has received multiple international awards. She organises a variety of photographic workshops and writes articles for photography magazines. As she loves to share her knowledge and passion about African wildlife, she leads photo safaris in Africa. Her new book ‘SAFARI! – The Essence’ endeavours to explain her fascination with the African wilderness.

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  • Name of the exhibition Encounters With Nature
  • Origin Belgian
  • Exhibition site Eglise Notre-Dame
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