The taiga forest offers surprises for nature photographers every day of the year, you never know in advance what you might encounter ”Owls, Grouses, Woodpeckers, Golden Eagles, Brown Bears, Wolverines”

Diversity of the nature in Kuusamo gives endlessly possibilities to create art of nature in the wilderness of Northern Finland. Wildlife of the eastern taiga forest thrills you every time again and again, dance of the colorful northern lights can be breathtaking show and all four different seasons keeps you active throughout the year.

Kuusamo Nature Photography Team is group of seven finnish professional nature photographers. Our exhibition shows beauty of nature in Kuusamo in a versatile way, such as in misty mornings in autumn colors, in stunning winter landscapes, wildlife of active spring and nightless nights in summer. The taiga forest hides inside of it variety of exciting wildlife like Owls, Grouses, Woodpeckers, Golden Eagles, Brown Bears, Eastern vagrants and much more.

  • Name of exhibition Kuusamo – home of the the taiga forest species
  • Nationality Finnish
  • Exhibition site Cap Nord (SPW)