The Pyrenees can be proud to host three of the six species of mountain galliformes in France including the captivating and enigmatic rock ptarmigan. Sensitive to the disturbances of its habitat, the ptarmigan represents an excellent barometer of the evolution of the open mediums of altitude. These environments are currently undergoing major disturbances under the combined pressure of environmental and anthropic constraints. There is no doubt that its durability will be closely linked to the efforts we will be ready to provide for its preservation. Grégory Odemer proposes to go, according to the seasons interspersed by its moults, to meet the Pyrenean Pyrenean, whose characteristics make it certainly one of the most fascinating and singular birds of the French avifauna.

  • Name of the exhibition Gelabra, the Ptarmigan of the Pyrenees
  • Origin France
  • Exhibition site Church Notre-Dame