Stéphane Granzotto is a documentary filmmaker and passionate photographer. His favorite themes are nature and environmental issues. Experienced diver, he puts into practice a very particular technique to take the photos that will make up this book. With the help of a closed-circuit rebreather, Stéphane immerses himself without making any bubbles, therefore without making any noise. Unlike a traditional scuba tank equipped with a regulator, the rebreather allows the diver to recycle the breathed air in a complex closed circuit. This results in the possibility of diving for durations 4 to 5 times longer than an ordinary dive, without any bubble emission. The silence thus obtained allows a privileged approach of the animals, very fearful and fleeing the slightest disturbance.

Fresh water: a remarkable environment, little known to the general public
Because I am a photographer, diver, fisherman and lover of the streams, ponds, lakes and rivers of France. Because when we talk about underwater photography (the term underwater would be more appropriate) we never think of “fresh water” while these environments so close to us contain a life of unsuspected, unrecognized richness and diversity, sometimes threatened …
The wild world is nevertheless there, sometimes in a simple pond, a small stream at the bottom of a garden

  • Name of the exhibition Fresh water
  • Nationality french
  • Exhibition site Notre Dame Church
  • Conference Bourse, Saturday from 4:30 to 5:30 pm: Soft water - Fresh water