Geoffrey Garcel, naturalist of Haute Savoie left his native Alps and the Mont Blanc massif where he lives, for a naturalistic escape to the borders of a wild world beyond the “last frontier” …
Located in southern Alaska (USA), Kodiak Island is home to a rich wild life blossoming through a contrasting landscape, from the fjords of the North Pacific Ocean to the peaks of its mountainous terrain. Classified as a “national wilfife refuge”, the island is an ecological Eden with the most illustrious representative of its endemic species: the Kodiak Bear! The largest subspecies of brown bear in the world, “the Kodiak” displays colossal measurements. The exhibition plunges us into the intimacy of this shy giant with images taken from life during a wild immersion of the author in the heart of… the island of the great bears.

  • Name of the exhibition KODIAK, the island of the big bears
  • Nationality french
  • Exhibition site Notre Dame Church
  • Conference The Bourse, Sundy from 1 to 2 pm: KODIAK, the island of the big bears