The “Wabi Sabi” exhibition invites us to discover the microscopic world through a Japanese philosophy that inspires Nicolas Frin daily. This consists of an art of living in harmony with nature, drawing inspiration from the authenticity and simplicity of the latter, but also an invitation to contemplate the ephemeral. Nicolas Frin has been photographing this nature for more than ten years, always having in mind this objective: “to seek beauty in simplicity”.

This is a Japanese philosophy that aims to live in harmony with nature and invites contemplation of the ephemeral.

“WABI” refers to humility in the face of nature, to what it has of majestic, inaccessible and magical. “SABI” defines beauty in imperfection, the acceptance of passing time. An art of living, which through simplicity and authenticity, strengthens our lives and allows us to live in peace with ourselves and our environment. It reminds us that all kind of life is ephemeral on this earth. It leads us to appreciate the simple things that surround us, a wild flower, a flying butterfly, a dragonfly on a twig… “WABI-SABI” is an echo of my vision of nature and photography.

  • Name of the exhibition Wabi-Sabi
  • Nationality French
  • Exhibition site Cap Nord (SPW)