Frédéric Loësch is an amateur photographer who loves to travel. From simple holiday photos to the beginning, her interest in photography has only grown to become a true passion. Mostly interested in nature, he looks for destinations that will lead him to discover new landscapes as well as wildlife that is not found in Belgium. This led to a workshop with the professional photographer Marco Grassi in the Faroe Islands, from which the photos of this exhibition are taken. The goal is to share the beautiful landscapes discovered there with those who do not necessarily have the chance to travel. Located halfway between Norway, Iceland and Scotland, the Faroe Islands are a small paradise for photographers. Relatively untouched by civilization, it is not uncommon to discover a small village consisting of a few houses located between two mountains, offering a sense of immensity that is rarely found elsewhere. The fauna is not left out: lovers of ornithology will find their happiness, mainly thanks to the presence of puffins, which is easily recognized by their orange beak. The winds are often strong enough, we can see them go on the spot in the air. Another astonishing consequence of these winds, falls whose water rises instead of falling. The exhibition will allow visitors to fly for a few moments to these amazing places, not so far from us yet so different from the concrete of our cities.

  • Name of the exhibition The beauty of the Faroe Islands
  • Origin Belgium
  • Exhibition site Saint Joseph Church