Born in August 1972 in Valdivia, Chilean Patagonia, where he spent the first part of his life in direct contact with nature and animals. Passionate from an early age by nature and more specifically by the marine world, it is natural that he became an oceanographer and professional diver. He was able to travel and discover his country during the many scientific projects in which he participated. Since 2003 he lives in France and combines daily his love for the marine world and diving by working at the Aquarium of Paris Trocadero has a beautiful collection of jellyfish, consisting of thirty species.
Through this exhibition, he wishes to highlight the infinite beauty of jellyfish with the help of artistic clichés in macro photographs. For some years now, he has been trying to make visible these living creatures with ephemeral and fragile beauty, and still too little known by the general public.
His scientific side is always fascinated not at their simplicity and at the same time their complexity whereas his side photographer is constantly attracted by their perfect architecture to the details of an extreme finesse and a very great sensuality. We still have so much to learn from these beautiful beings.
Through his photographic work, his wish is to pay tribute to the infinite beauty of nature and to share it with current and future generations. The images and stories that accompany them are wonderful tools to make us aware that we are all responsible to our “Mother Earth” and that it is vital to protect it if we want to preserve ourselves

  • Name of the exhibition Fragile Beauties
  • Origin Chilean Patagonia - France
  • Exhibition site La Bourse