“I drink, you leaf, it branches, we bud, you beeches, they forests. “
It’s the perfect combination of the human and the tree. Perfect harmony, an ideal harmony, a saving union, a necessary compromise. A love to shake the leaves of being, a link of blood and sap to reconcile humanity with its distant and plant roots, deep but common. The leaves are born, take a thousand shapes and a thousand colors. They turn the light into nutrients and then fly away dancing with the autumn winds. They will come back. The leaves always come back. Living, they ensure the photosynthesis essential to the growth of the tree, dead they enrich the humus of mineral elements. So goes the cycle of their life. Wood and leaves are ubiquitous in our existence. There is always a tree somewhere, in our memories or our daily life. A tree that offers apples and plums, a tree that offers shelter from the rain and loneliness or another that captures our emotions to transform them into a living force.

The exhibition opens with a “paréidolie”. A tree trunk that seems to be the body of a naked woman. A mother-tree, the origin of the woodland version. This work is part of an artistic and poetic approach. The images are almost all taken near Bruno’s home and the subjects are very common.

He sought a personal and original approach using different techniques such as high-key, double and triple exposure, macro, motion blur.

Bruno accompanies each image of a small text of his composition, a poetry, a reflection, a few words against these evils that are always further away beings of flesh and beings of wood.

  • Name of the exhibition I drink, you leaves, it branch
  • Origin France
  • Exhibition site Saint Joseph Church