Born in 1974, married, one child, Julien has been a passionate wildlife photographer for fourteen years. A wildlife lover, he has a real attachment to large carnivores (felines, bears, hyenas, canids). He has traveled and continues to travel several times a year, from Africa to India, from South America to Alaska, for the exclusive purpose of observing and photographing these animals in their environment. He often likes to say that wildlife photography is more than a passion but a “style of life”.
The purpose of his exhibition is to present a species monograph concerning the Bengal tiger in order to offer a fairly intimate view of it. Left to die out in the 1970s, the tiger, which is India’s favorite animal, was saved by the establishment of the “Tiger Project” in the early 1970s when certain leaders understood the threat hanging over it. by creating national parks that have sanctuarized wildlife. Despite this, the population declined until 2008 before recovering. Indian nature does not necessarily have much to envy to that of Africa but remains extremely fragile and present on “jewels of nature” a little isolated from each other. These parks are surrounded by a population that creates ever more pressure on wildlife through its activities. Showing the tiger is for Julien the opportunity to talk about ethology but also about its own conservation and conservation in general at a time when the fate of mammals is very uncertain. Why this title of “true king” finally? Because he thinks that even more than the lion this animal is dominant in nature. He will accompany his lordship with some of these subjects and not the least (including a black panther which is a very great rarity).

  • Name of exhibition Tiger, the real king !
  • Nationality Luxembourgish
  • Exhibition site La Bourse