After more than thirty stays in total independence and autonomy in fairly remote places in Botswana and Zimbabwe, her “somewhere” as she likes to call it, Valérie has developed a very pronounced taste for backlit atmospheres, the shimmering lights of sunrise and sunset, and a predilection for images taken at ground level.
Above all, she seeks to stage animals in beautiful atmospheres and lights, to draw aesthetic silhouettes that contrast with these glowing and warm colors.
The “appearance” of an animal that flirts with the rays of the sun through the vegetation provides him with paintings that make his dreams come true.

She is also an unconditional follower of images made at ground level which allow intimacy with each individual she immortalizes. No more barriers separate us and being on equal terms with your “subject” makes the photographic moment exceptional. She respects him and he accepts her into his comfort zone. They thus live moments of quasi complicity.

Nature is beautiful, fragile, we must learn to respect it.

  • Name of exhibition Appearance
  • Nationality French
  • Exhibition site La Bourse