The black and white and the macro, two worlds that everything separates, two worlds that Alfred Blaess has tried to unite. Black and white continues to fascinate today and in his eyes allows a visual simplification of his images; in short, it is the art of reduction. It is also an emotional choice that is essential
of itself with certain atmospheres but not necessarily with macrophotography; and it is precisely here that the photographer must find the right subject and the right light so that the black and white can express itself fully and give this unreal vision of things. The black and white captures the light of the early morning, puts the lines and curves in value and gives an abstract and poetic dimension. It is a real aesthetic and artistic choice: a philosophy that requires a particular way of thinking. Alfred wanted to escape the meanders of color and offer a monochromatic look at macrophotography and morning moods in particular: dew, herbs, insects …
It had been a joke in his mind for a while: black and white at 65 mm and focus-stacking!
Dawn was his universe. Dragonflies, tall grasses and their hosts, morning dew his subjects. Everything intertwined and intertwined to form the monochrome paintings of this exhibition

  • Name of the exhibition Monochrome Dawn
  • Origin France
  • Exhibition site La Bourse